Health Tips When Taking Acai Berry – Effectively Losing Weight Using Acai Revealed!

The trend on Acai berry supplements and other products continues to skyrocket as more and more dieticians are coming up with many different ideas for losing weight and staying healthy. Supplements now come in many forms – from pills to capsules, tablets, drinks, juice, puree, pulp, bars, and more. The trend is something good as the fruit is known for its many health benefits. First, it is promoted for its antioxidants, which can aid in losing some pounds off the scale, prevent certain diseases, and fight the signs of aging.Many health experts who know the whats and hows are even coming up with health tips on losing weight with Acai. Plenty of recipes have been made to help people have a healthy diet and at the same time, burning fat with the help of the fruit. For example, the berry can be paired with salmon for a delicious and healthy meal. The fruit will give a fruity and wine-like flavor to the fish without the need to consume real wine and chocolate. If you do not fancy salmon, other nutritious fish will do. It goes well with meat also.Another tip is to add the juice of the berry to your salad dressing. If you are lucky to live near Amazon, you can toss fresh fruits in the salad. Other ingredients that work well with Acai are vanilla, coconut, lime, mint, and more. A mixed of fruits topped with granola and the superfood berry is another perfect way of cutting down on calories.Of course, you should not forget to pair the fruit with the classics of weight loss: well-balanced meal and exercise. Actually, a genuine product made from Acai will encourage its consumers to live a healthy lifestyle together with the consumption of the fruit. So if you want an effective way of losing weight, keep these tips in mind.

Health Tips on Travelling to an a H1N1 Flu Virus Infected Area

Statistics shows that the major cause of the pandemic A H1n1 Influenza virus is via air travel from an infected country to another. It is a fact that we can not control the people’s movement around the world. The best way to do when you are traveling by air is to observe extreme caution and be alert with the people whom you are getting in contact with. Centers for Disease Control Organization have issued travelling guidelines and I want to share it with you.Common Guidelines:If you are having these symptoms:
sore throat
body aches
head ache

You are advised to notify the nearest health official or customs officer right away and seek for medical attention.If you are travelling to areas with reported A H1N1 Flu, these are the recommendations from Centers for Disease Control Organization:
Discuss your travel plan with your doctor. You should look carefully the risk situation of the fluĀ  and the health care capability of the area.
Make sure you are up to date with your routine vaccine schedules.
Bring along with you a travel health pack kit.
Check whether the area that you’re going to is covered by your health insurance. It is better to upgrade your medical insurance coverage when travelling.
Check your own health. Do not travel if you are not feeling well.
During your trip, observe and follow the rules from the health authorities.
Expect additional health screening procedures from the airport.
Practice healthy habits like covering your mouth when sneezing, wash your hands often and put the used tissues in the garbage.
Avoid touching your mouth and eyes.
If you think you got the symptoms, self quarantine yourself at home for seven days or more until your symptoms are gone.
Wear surgical mask when necessary.

The best way to prevent from getting infected is to avoid contact with ill persons. Observe at least one meter away from other person when talking to them.It is better to do a self quarantine in your home for a week after you arrived from your travel from an infected country. This will help minimize the spread out of the virus in case you got infected.